NMPNSW Looks at Healthier Blending

I love good food but I tend to lack the time to make anything anymore. When I started working from home a couple of years back, I thought I would have sufficient time on my hands to further explore my passion for cooking but alas, that wasn’t my fate. Now, I spend most of my waking hours glued to the computer screen and the rest trying to satisfy my wife’s every whim and fancy. LOL!!!

In comes the ubiquitous blender – an appliance everyone takes for granted. In fact, every restaurant, bar and eatery in the world probably has one lying around. Most in fact, have a couple, each designed for a specific purpose. My kitchen is no different but my blender until recently was an old outdated Kitchenaid that I have been meaning to change but my wife’s always shot it down. Her reason being that it’s the least used appliance in the kitchen so why bother. Well, I want a new blender and that’s reason enough, I said. Six months later, my wife gifted me a blender on my birthday as a means of saying I remember everything you want, so you better do the same! A blender, seriously? Who gives that as a gift to one’s husband? L

Anyways, it happened to be a top of the line KitchenAid, something I would probably never have gone for myself considering how little time I spend in the kitchen. I read a few reviews on this website before hand to get some early intel and I found that It has this cool pulsing feature that will help me whip up quick smoothies, multiple speeds to play with depending on the kind of consistency I need and the raw power probably enough to run a small quad-bike. Wait, why am I going all gaga on a blender? Well, because my wife’s gift rejuvenated my love for cooking, only this time I became passionate for dishes that take less than 20 minutes. Most of them are actually made entirely in my KitchenAid!

Take for example making peanut butter shake or even a frozen smoothie. It is quite easy and best of all, you don’t even need to know how to operate the blender. This KitchenAid came with an awesome cookbook containing hundreds of pretty neat recipes. I have only reached the 30th recipe in the past one month and I am looking forward to trying out the rest. My wife’s real happy too, she loves my special drinks and surprise dishes, hope that’s enough just in case I forget our anniversary or her birthday or some other special day, which I know I will.

The morale of my story – Don’t buy an expensive blender, have someone gift it to you and enjoy the pleasures!

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