Ahh, singing and the simple things – Love It!

Well, Christmas is almost here, thank god! I wanted to write a post on one of the most successful gifts that I plan to give my daughter, Laura. This happens to be a new karaoke machine! It was priced at just under $100, but it was well worth it! I spent about a full month doing my research to find to find a karaoke system that was great for kids and I ended up with a Hello Kitty karaoke machine. Let me tell you, this has provided HOURS of entertainment for my little girl. Sometimes my wife and I sit down with her and record her singing along to some of her favorite music like Adele and Justin Bieber.

karaoke machinesOne of the biggest suggestions I can make to all my readers out there is that you should definitely read up on some karaoke machine reviews. There’s a lot of deceiving information out there when it comes to these little systems. It’s important to find one that’s easy to use and comes with a microphone. We also suggest that you buy at least one CD with it because it’s pretty useless without some tunes. We found that she is also learning valuable skills while she is playing with the karaoke machine. She is learning to enhance her hand to eye coordination as well at her public speaking. Would it be amazing if she developed all these skills at a young age and became a pop star? That would one awesome investment. But, I’m only dreaming. I just hope that she continues to have as much fun as she has been in the last few weeks.

On March 18 it’s her birthday and not only will I get her a few more karaoke CD’s, but her mother and I will be planning a karaoke style birthday for her. We already sent out invitations to about fifteen of her friends from school and gymnastics, and I hope they all come. We will be giving out prizes for good and bad performances, but the idea is is to have fun! We have found a list of children friendly songs from the internet and we will try to have songs available at the party that a lot of kids are familiar with.

The best part about her new karaoke machine is that you can hook it up to a TV and read the lyrics quite easy. I’ve tried it a few times singing along to some of my favorite country music and it was awesome! It might be time to invest in more of an adult type machines so my wife and I can plan karaoke parties of our own!

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